How to Win on Video Poker Machines

how to win on video poker machines

To win at video poker machines, there are various things you must understand, such as pay tables and which cards to keep. Furthermore, it requires learning the basic principles of probability.

Video poker differs from slot machines in that it requires some skill for success, making it immensely popular with players.

Basic rules

Video poker is a game of math and odds, which casinos take full advantage of by including a house edge in their games. But if you understand how to play video poker correctly and follow its rules well, you may be able to reduce this advantage and lower its house edge.

Video poker’s basic rules are straightforward. Once dealt five cards, they can be discarded for new ones as desired and paid out according to a pre-set pay table; pay tables may vary between Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild machines for instance.

As your understanding of decision-making and video poker grows, so will your odds of winning. It is wise to develop one or two strategies and stick with them; trying to master all available strategies could overwhelm and disorient you during gameplay. In addition, low-pay machines often rob players’ bankrolls of life through limited payouts; opting instead for full-pay machines can increase chances of victory significantly.


Video poker is both a game of luck and skill, so understanding its pay tables and making smart decisions are vital components to increasing your odds of success. Utilizing a strategy chart can assist in choosing which cards to hold, discard or fold when appropriate; additionally, choosing an optimal betting size of max coins increases chances of victory significantly.

Many video poker variants closely resemble five card draw. To succeed at any video poker variation, it’s essential that you understand its rules and hand rankings, while choosing machines with favorable pay tables which increase potential returns and profitability. Remember, success doesn’t come overnight – be patient and think before hitting that deal button!


Payouts in video poker are an essential element, determining how much of your initial bet you can expect to win back. To increase your chances of success and increase profits for yourself and bankroll, choose machines offering higher payouts; though this may seem counterintuitive in a game of chance, doing this increases rewards, potentially making more profits possible in your bankroll.

Payouts on video poker machines are determined by a pay table that displays how many coins can be won for each hand played on the machine, typically on its front face; some machines also show part of this table on-screen.

Understanding the pay table is vitally important to video poker strategy, as all strategies rely on probabilities. Though initially challenging to grasp, understanding probabilities will increase your winning odds by improving decision making skills and increasing winning odds through improved decision-making processes. You can take your time learning how to use free games that don’t cost any real money before jumping right in with real money games!


No foolproof strategy exists for video poker. But by understanding the odds and payouts and developing an effective plan to maximize your odds of victory, you may increase your odds of success. Luck still plays a part, but following strategy and selecting suitable machines may improve them significantly.

Jacks or Better is the only mathematically derived strategy in video poker which will produce a positive expectation, although there may be machines based on other types of poker; most video poker variations follow this theme.

As pay tables of different video poker games vary widely, it’s essential that you find one with an ideal pay table for your bankroll. Also look out for machines offering high payout percentages for certain hands such as full houses and flushes – low-pay machines can quickly drain away your savings! In addition, try learning strategies for one or two specific games rather than trying to memorize all possible strategies at once.