What Does Changing the Denomination on a Slot Machine Do?

what does changing the denomination on a slot machine do

When someone changes the denomination on a slot machine, it usually refers to changing how much money they wish to spend playing it. You’ll find slots of all sizes from penny machines to five-dollar games; changing denomination usually involves pressing a button that alters how many credits per spin are being betted upon; however, there’s more involved with different denominations than simply changing how many coins you bet per spin.

Changes in denomination do not alter the odds on slot machines due to their random number generator (RNG). An RNG continually cycles through combinations of numbers at lightning speed even when nobody is using them, until someone presses the draw button and the RNG selects one combination at that particular microsecond – finally showing its final result on screen.

Unpredictability in RNG results makes it hard to know what combination of numbers the Random Number Generator will select until after you press the draw button and the game has finished displaying them. Even switching denominations could expose thousands of possibilities, and therefore unlikely would result in identical outcomes as if staying put at one denomination level or another.

Not every RNG produces consistent results every time; you may sometimes be able to tell when it has by looking at video poker cards on-screen or keno numbers drawn; this is likely due to each game having slightly different setup specifications; some machines change reel stripping depending on denomination while others do not.

However, this does not indicate that denomination has no effect on how much a slot machine could win you should you hit a jackpot. Some coins possess very high collector values due to scarcity, condition and overall rarity – regardless of what denomination they were struck in – while many are valued based on how often that particular coin was used – something reflected by auction prices realized at Sotheby’s, Heritage Auctions or Bowers & Merena sales.

Though the odds between denominations may seem negligible, it’s still wise to be cognizant of them when selecting a machine to play. Doing so can help dispel common myths surrounding slot machines and save you from making poor choices that lead to frustration or worse – especially at casinos that provide comps based on theoretical hold – where playing at higher denominations may yield greater comps; nevertheless it remains wise to remain mindful of any discrepancies, even when not participating in such casinos.