What is the New Lottery Game Called?

what is the new lottery game called

A: People often ask what is the new lottery game called and its answer is LOTTO. LOTTO is an exciting jackpot game in which players select six numbers before drawing an extra seventh number (known as the Bonus Number ) to increase the player’s odds of success; this Bonus Number cannot match any one of the six main numbers selected.

The Lotto draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 9:00 PM Central Time (CT), costing just $2 for entry tickets. Players should mark heavy vertical lines across their tickets with black pen to enter; alternatively they may opt for Quick Pick option which lets the computer randomly choose their numbers instead.

New York State Lottery provides more than just LOTTO; their drawing games include Mega Millions(offered in 44 states and D.C.), Powerball(46 jurisdictions) and Monopoly Millionaire’s Club which ran from October 19 – December 26. Like Mega Millions, winners selected five main numbers and four “Cash Ball” numbers before choosing an annuity prize instead of cash payouts as the top prize option for Monopoly millionaires Club winners.

At present, Take 5 is the Lottery’s most beloved game; first introduced as a Friday-only draw in 1992 and expanded to nightly drawings in 2000; it later adopted its current name of Take 5. If there are no five-of-5 winners (rolldown prize), matching three numbers wins parimutuel cash prizes; odds for winning Take 5 prizes are 1 in 9.

In terms of instant games, the Lottery provides two instant options – Colossal Cashword at $2 up to $30 and Video Lottery offering Las Vegas-style slot machines – in its instant-game category. Furthermore, scratch-off tickets sold by the Lottery support Good Causes such as education, youth sports participation, health and welfare as well as arts heritage and the Irish language – nearly 30 cent of every dollar spent goes directly towards supporting Good Causes such as these.