On the Web, Privacy? The Worry and the Solution

On the web Privacy  The Worry as well as the Solution

Internet privacy can be an immense threat. Companies collect our personal data when we purchase things online or post social media updates; this data could then be used to sell us goods or create user profiles for advertising targeting; it could even be misused by hackers to steal our identity or money – these risks pose real threats that could negatively impact all those closest to us – family, friends, and coworkers alike.

People are understandably concerned about their online privacy. Data breaches and cyber-attacks have made headlines frequently, with successful attacks often due to too-simple passwords or users using them across multiple accounts or devices reusing the same one across them all. Poor Internet security compromises your own personal security while weakening it for all global networks of computers and devices connected through the web.

At least for the most part, we are in control of our online privacy. All it takes to protect it is setting the appropriate defaults in your settings and selecting privacy-respecting tools like the Chromium-based Brave browser or ZDNet’s favorite password manager LastPass; such tools allow us to exercise greater control over how our personal data is collected and shared online.

Other steps you can take to protect your privacy online include clearing cookies and uninstalling applications you no longer use as well as keeping operating systems updated. Furthermore, limit how much personal data is posted publicly as well as creating false personas which could be exploited by criminals and pedophiles alike.

Privacy and trust are integral to online success. People expect companies to provide transparent information on how their data is being collected and utilized – that’s why the best businesses work tirelessly to earn and retain customer loyalty; additionally, many implement new technologies designed to foster privacy as core business values.

No matter the laws that pertain to privacy protection – whether it’s the EU-wide GDPR or California’s Consumer Privacy Act that came into force this year – most companies strive to meet their legal responsibilities in protecting the personal information of the people they serve.

At ZDNet Tech Blog we’re making steps towards making sure people’s concerns for their privacy are taken seriously, but more needs to be done in this area. One solution would be for all of us to see privacy as something to be earned rather than taken for granted; that starts by each one of us deciding that fighting for privacy is worth our while and taking positive steps forward – your actions could have a direct effect not just on yourself but others who also value privacy as well as the wider Internet community at large. This article was written by ZDNet team so check out their Tech Blog for more articles by them and keep up-to-date by following them on social media! This article was produced by team from ZDNet and can be read over at their Tech Blog for more articles by them as well.