How Old Do You Have to Be to Online Gamble?

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New York residents must be 21 years of age in order to legally gamble in casinos across the state, Lottery, Daily Fantasy Sports, Bingo and Pari-mutuel Betting are also included in this rule.

Minimum age to gamble

The legal gambling age in the USA varies by state, with some having a minimum gambling age of 21 while other states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia allow individuals underage gamblers to bet online at casinos or mobile sportsbooks. Underage gambling may lead to serious consequences including fines and the suspension or cancellation of privileges such as driving licenses; it could even result in prison time!

Though the legal age to gamble varies by state, there are some general guidelines that apply. To play poker or blackjack at a casino you must be at least 18 years old; and gambling online depends on both state and type of site used – however most sites require identity verification in some form (for example by providing ID documents or providing selfies as proof). Some states also set different gambling ages for lottery games, bingo games or other forms of gambling such as sportsbooks.


Legality of online gambling depends on each state. Each has different regulations and age requirements when it comes to casino, sports betting and lottery gambling; therefore it’s essential to do your research prior to engaging in any gambling activities online or otherwise. Age limits exist as an effective safeguard to protect minors while providing casinos and other gambling entities with extra safety precautions against potential issues that might arise from underage betting activities.

United States laws set a minimum gambling age limit of 21. However, in other countries this age may differ: in the UK the age is lower at 18 – however this age varies for lotteries and soccer pools regulated by government. Furthermore, US laws make it illegal for banks to transfer funds directly to online gambling sites; this does not prevent players from placing bets online though.


Although gambling laws vary between states in the US, casinos and online gambling sites generally require their players to be 21 years old in order to protect underage gamers from being exposed to the risks associated with underage gaming. Many states also impose different requirements regarding sports betting, lottery games and other forms of gambling; effective KYC processes are therefore key for any online gambling site’s success; AutoIdent is a leading provider of identity verification services who helps casinos meet regulatory compliance and risk management obligations effectively.