Texas Lottery – How to Play Numbers Game

how to play numbers game texas lottery

Texas is known for its large portions of barbecue and giant cowboy hats – everything here is bigger, including lottery jackpots! The Texas Lottery provides various games such as Lotto Texas and Texas Two Step. You can also participate in Powerball and Mega Millions lottery games here as well as scratch-off tickets that offer potentially mind-boggling jackpot prizes that can amount to billions.

Purchase of Texas Lottery tickets can be done at authorized Texas Lottery retailers such as convenience stores and grocery stores. Tickets can also be bought online through an approved third-party provider; however, be wary of buying an unlicensed lottery ticket; it may contain risks which are best avoided by purchasing from reputable sources only, like the official Texas Lottery website where your information will remain safe.

Lotto Texas offers several prizes other than just its grand jackpot prize of $5,000,000 plus. Starting from the low prize of $3 and matching 4 of 6 numbers wins $50. Matching all 6 numbers brings $2,000 while matching all 6 will earn you the jackpot prize of over $5 Million dollars!

Lotto Texas winning tickets may be redeemed up to 180 days from either the date of drawing (for draw games) or game end date (for scratch-offs). When selecting the payout method on your payslip before playing, this decision cannot be changed later; you must also sign the back of your ticket to validate its legitimacy.

There’s an entire industry dedicated to helping lottery winners win, from software programs and numerology calculations, to simple tips and tricks you can follow to increase your odds.

Texas Lotteriey revenues have provided billions in funding for education, veterans’ services and other public service agencies as well as millions in commissions to retailers through Lotteries revenues over time. One of Texas’ 10 top Lottery winners includes an incredible $260 million Mega Millions jackpot win in 2011 shared with Puerto Rica. She remains one of America’s highest jackpot winners ever! The remaining nine lottery winners from North Texas included one man who took down an amazing $560 Million Powerball jackpot win back in 2013, opting not to disclose himself publicly and remain anonymous himself! Lottery revenues have provided millions for education funding as well as millions in commissions paid back out for retailers.