Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

Sports betting has spread swiftly throughout the U. S., while legalization of online gambling has taken longer. Only recently have casino games and poker been launched online in some states; Pennsylvania and New jersey being two such markets where this form of betting are legal.

Legal online gambling first started taking shape in the us with state lottery officials from New york and Illinois seeking guidance regarding their plans to sell lottery tickets online. They wanted to know whether selling these tickets online violated any federal laws; in response, the Department of Justice issued a memo in 2011 reinterpreting the Wire Act so it only applied to sports betting – opening up opportunities for other states to start offering and regulating such products.

Delaware was among the first states to launch legal online casino and poker gambling, regulated by their lottery commission. Nevada and New jersey quickly followed with their own online casinos and sportsbooks shortly thereafter; after Supreme Court’s ruling stricken down federal prohibition of sports betting in 2021 gave further impetus for these efforts, with both states soon after the ruling launching online casinos and sportsbooks respectively.

Rhode Island has legalized sports wagering and daily fantasy sports for residents to participate in, offering mobile apps and retail sportsbooks where gamblers can sign up and start betting. Furthermore, in 2020 the state removed its in-person registration requirement at sportsbooks allowing gamblers to register accounts online instead.

Michigan was the second state to establish legal online casino and poker markets, although its first sites went live more than 18 months later due to COVID-19 pandemic delays. Since then, iGaming operators have made significant waves in Michigan’s Great Lakes state. Pennsylvania followed soon thereafter and launched their initial iGaming sites in May 2019. Over time Pennsylvania has become a thriving market for real money iGaming with major brick-and-mortar operators like Rivers Casino and Golden Nugget creating several safe, reputable brands through various gaming platforms – even with brick-and-mortar operators like Rivers Casino and Golden Nugget offering safe, reliable brands online through partnership deals with major gaming platforms like Rivers launching safe, reliable online casino brands in partnership with major gaming platforms – becoming prominent real money markets with major brick& mortar operators like Rivers and Golden Nugget launching safe, reliable brand online casino brands created through partnerships.

Utah is currently the only state that makes online casino and poker gambling illegal for residents, as this activity is considered a third-degree felony by state law. There have been various attempts over time to alter this status through legislation;

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