What’s the Best Cruise Line to Travel On?

whats the best cruise line to travel on

There’s no single answer when it comes to finding the ideal cruise line, but several factors should be taken into account when making this decision. These could include your desired type of trip – such as family fun, adventure or luxury; destination preferences; as well as fleet size considerations (Royal Caribbean has 27 ships in their fleet compared to niche river and ocean-going lines such as Viking or Paul Gauguin which only operate several).

The Big Seven:

The top cruise lines have earned their position at the forefront of their industry, and are found across itineraries worldwide. Each company’s fleet can vary considerably in terms of size and price range – for instance, industry leader Royal Caribbean boasts one of the largest fleets available while their smallest ships are three times larger than any others on their roster.

Seabourn stands out among luxury lines for its outstanding staff-to-passenger ratio and all-inclusive rates (alcohol, gratuities and more are included in base fares). Silversea provides similar all-inclusive fares with more formal elegance – both offering all-inclusive pricing models.

Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line are among the leading mass market lines, boasting an abundance of activities and suites at great value for money, along with onboard amenities like casinos or Broadway-style shows that come included with standard rates.

Smaller brands such as Holland America and Princess are worth exploring for luxury cruise vacations, too. Although their list of itineraries may be shorter than that of the Big Seven companies, these smaller operators generally provide excellent service with spacious suites.

Silversea and Lindblad, two expedition-oriented cruise lines in the luxury category, boast strong presences in Galapagos and Arctic destinations and offer itineraries featuring expert guides.

The final category includes several niche adult-only cruise lines that offer unique experiences and itineraries, like Virgin Voyages’. With specialty restaurants like food-truck-style markets selling burgers, tacos and more – not to mention innovative activities like mixology classes and pool parties – Virgin Voyages provides guests with unforgettable voyages at reasonable rates compared to other luxury lines.