Which Florida Lottery Game Produces the Most Millionaires?

which florida lottery game produces the most millionaires

The Florida Lottery is the official lottery of Florida, featuring daily drawings with five-of-six numbers and Mega Ball. Additionally, players may choose EZ Match for an additional chance at cash prizes at an additional cost per play of $1 per EZ Match ticket; Multiplier and Double Play options allow them to increase non-jackpot cash prize amounts two, three, four, or five times while simultaneously increasing jackpot amounts for future drawings respectively. Its most beloved form of play has long been Powerball; making many millionaires.

Lotteries can be an entertaining way to pass the time, but be wary: anyone picking similar numbers as your own must share in any winnings you receive. Selecting lottery numbers less frequently selected can increase your odds and potentially leave you several hundred thousand dollars richer – though likely not enough to change your life significantly!

Many Florida Lottery scratch-off games have created millionaires, but the latest one to do so is the $600 Million High Roller. It offers one-time payments of up to $600 Million! To play, pick five white balls and a single blue number; optionally use the bonus option to increase your odds by selecting two additional white balls and one red ball.

Brevard County has seen some of the highest returns on lottery tickets this past year. A Melbourne Beach couple became millionaires thanks to purchasing a ticket that won them part of Mega Millions’ record-setting jackpot, worth an incredible $1.58 billion!

However, Bonita Springs residents weren’t outdone in 2023: another lucky shopper named George Demetriades from Bonita Springs won a $25.3 million jackpot from 500x the Cash scratch-off game! When claiming his prize at Florida Lottery District Office Fort Myers to claim it in lump sum form.

Demetriades became one of the latest Florida Lottery millionaires by purchasing his winning ticket at Circle Food Mart on N. T Street in Pensacola; Circle Food Mart received a bonus commission of $50,000 for selling it. Kerim Akel from Navarre claimed the other top prize, purchasing hers from Publix at 8244 Navarre Parkway; she chose an alternative lump sum payout of $820,000 instead.