Which NC Lottery Game Has the Best Odds of Winning?

which nc lottery game has the best odds of winning

Which NC lottery games offer the highest odds of success? That depends on both game type and prize tier; scratch-off games have different odds than games with larger jackpots, for instance. Luckily, the NC Education Lottery website makes it simple to see which games offer superior odds, including how many top prizes remain unclaimed; checking these odds takes only minutes when purchasing tickets!

Draw Games

Draw games are among the most popular NC lottery games, as participants select numbers and wait for random drawings of those numbers to see if any match. The more numbers that match up, the larger their prize. Some draw games feature huge progressive jackpots that reach into millions of dollars but their odds of success tend to be quite slim.

Scratch-off Games

The NC Education Lottery offers several varieties of scratch-off tickets, each with its own set of rules and prize tiers. While winning odds may differ between various scratch-off types, generally speaking they tend to be much better than draw games – plus these tickets are typically less costly! You can purchase these online or from retailers.

Keno is one of the lottery’s most beloved games, played using a card with 80 numbers. Players select which numbers they wish to bet, before randomly drawn groups of 20 numbers are drawn and awarded as prize pool numbers. Keno games also boast being fast-paced; meaning you can jump right in and out within minutes!

If you’re searching for the best odds to winning a lottery prize, look no further than Carolina Cash 5 by NC Education Lottery. With 1 in 1,000 chances to select three winning numbers and win $500 instantly – far lower odds than hiting Powerball but still an opportunity for instant prizes and all proceeds going directly back into education in North Carolina!