How to Play the Lottery Drinking Game

how to play the lottery drinking game

The lottery drinking game is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get you and your friends and family in the holiday spirit. As a classic party game, this classic party game requires just three things – cards, beer and an enthusiastic group to participate.

Players take turns by starting by saying a number, then having their partner respond with one that rhymes with it, until someone cannot come up with any rhyme (or can no longer remember who they’re referring to), at which time he or she must drink an accompanying beverage.

Another effective way of getting people drinking is putting pennies on a table and telling everyone they must bounce one of them off into a glass if possible; otherwise they must drink. Tyrion Lannister used this tactic with Shae and Bronn in season 1 of Game of Thrones to prompt drinking among them.

Rather than becoming the center of all kinds of drinking games, try opting for something low key like “would you rather” games. Players choose between two options that may be gross, silly, or simply difficult. It can help keep parties moving smoothly while giving everyone something fun and relaxing to do during downtime; and whoever picks the worst option has to drink their way out!

There are also various drinking games which use numbers as opposed to names. Perhaps the most well-known of these is “buzz,” where players sit in a circle and count out loud in patterns (one, two, three, etc). Once they reach multiples of seven numbers they must announce them aloud and “buzz.”

Play this game using other body parts such as elbows, ears, butts and pinkie fingers! Each player receives two cups and a spoon; in one minute they must transfer as much liquid from one cup to the other using their spoon without spilling any onto themselves – otherwise they must drink from both cups instead.

There’s also a drinking game which uses a pyramid and colored balls, similar to lottery, with slightly different rules but no less enjoyable gameplay. You can find numerous versions of this online.