What Days Do Mega Million Lottery Game Play?

what days do mega million lottery game play

Are You Wondering Which Days Does Mega Million Lottery Game Take Place? Well, every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. Eastern time the Mega Million lottery draws take place with five white balls and one gold Mega Ball being featured. If your lucky numbers match any winning numbers from $2 up to the Jackpot Prize then Power Play multiplies any non-jackpot prizes by five times!

Current jackpot: $1 Billion The game can be played across 45 states plus DC and VI; tickets can be found both retail lottery retailers, gas stations/convenience stores as well as some airport terminals selling tickets. Mega Millions first launched its inaugural drawing on June 24, 1996 as The Big Game until six years later when its name changed to Mega Millions. Drawings take place under stringent security procedures; winning numbers are selected randomly using a random number generator; drawing machine and ball set are subjected to multiple pre-drawing tests, including random number selection and verification; in addition, two draw officials from lottery employees as well as one from an independent auditing firm supervise these drawings.

Lottery winners have the option to collect their prizes either as cash or an annuity option, although in certain states such as New Jersey and Texas it must be made in advance; otherwise it can still be changed after winning (unless an annuity option was chosen and then it cannot be changed again). California and New York City residents may need to pay state income tax.

If you do not win the jackpot, any unclaimed prize money is added to the next drawing’s jackpot and increased by 1 in 24 up to one in 302,575,350 chances. Each time it rolls around, the jackpot grows larger until someone takes it home! For your chance at a prize visit Mega Millions’ official website where you can also check your odds of success!

When buying tickets for Mega Millions, you will be required to provide your name and address for verification. Many states will then send you a receipt as proof in case it comes time to claim your prize. Signing up for the Players Club provides daily email notifications of winning numbers and additional information about lottery games. Membership is free but will require providing your email address and password. Refresh your profile frequently so you’re up-to-date on upcoming draws and special promotions, plus receive our newsletter with exciting lottery news of giveaways and winners. This will enable you to plan ahead and increase your odds of winning, and join other lottery enthusiasts on the site to share thoughts. In addition, The Players’ Club magazine contains helpful strategies and advice for playing Mega Millions lottery.